SCS Foundation 

The Committee is in charge of the allocation of the resources and is responsible for the selection of the Alfred Werner Scholars based on the documents submitted by the universities and federal institutes of technology. The members of the Committee are appointed by the participating companies and academic institutions.

The current members of the Committee are:

Dr. Alain de Mesmaeker, Chair, Swiss Chemical Society and Syngenta

Dr. Richard Lewis, Novartis Pharma AG, Basel

Prof. Jeffrey W. Bode, ETH Zurich

Dr. Maud Reiter, Firmenich SA, Genève

Prof. Peter Chen, ETH Zurich

Prof. Karl Gademann, University of Zurich

Dr. Stefan Hildbrand, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Basel

Dr. Markus Gautschi, Givaudan Suisse SA, Dübendorf

Dr. Edouard Godineau, Syngenta

Prof. Jiri Vanicek, EPFL Lausanne

Prof. Titus A. Jenny, University of Fribourg

Prof. Stefan Matile, University of Geneva

Prof. Philippe Renaud, University of Berne

Prof. Christof Sparr, University of Basel

Dr. Christoph Täschler, Lonza AG, Visp

Prof. Bruno Therrien, University of Neuchâtel