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The Alfred Werner Fund was established in 2014 and continues the initiatives and projects of the former foundation "Stiftung für Stipendien auf dem Gebiete der Chemie".

Alfred Werner (1866 – 1919), born in Mulhouse (Alsace), was a student at ETH Zurich and professor at the University of Zurich. He won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1913 for proposing the octahedral configuration of transition metal complexes. Werner developed the basis for modern coordination chemistry. He was the first inorganic chemist to win a Nobel prize, and the only one prior to 1973 (awarded to E.O. Fischer and G. Wilkinson for their work on organometallic componds).


Alfred Werner Master's Student Scholarships

The SCS Foundation grants scholarships for students to carry out Master of Science (MSc) degree studies in Chemistry or Biochemistry at a Swiss University or at one of the Federal Institutes of Technology. The scholarships are granted to nominees presented by the institutions that admitted the students to their MSc Programs; We do not accept applications from individuals.

The nominations are reviewed by the Alfred Werner Fund Allocation Committee. Eight to ten Alfred Werner scholarships in the amount of CHF 25'000 were granted every year from 2013 to 2020. Starting in 2021, the stipends will amount to CHF 30'000. The program is supported by the Swiss chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as by a number of private donors.

The program targets students from foreign countries ranking in the top 10% of their bachelor of science (BSc) programs. The goal of the program is to support highly talented students to perform their MSc studies in Switzerland.  

The SCS Foundation actively supports the integration of the Alfred Werner Scholars, and also offers visits at the program-supporting industrial partners ("Meet and Greet" Program).


The Alfred Werner Scholars (2013 - )

Since 2013, forty-eight students, twenty-three women and twenty-five men, natives from nearly thirty countries, were granted an Alfred Werner Scholarship. With the exception of one student, who unfortunately passed away, all scholars successfully completed their studies. Many of them with distinction.

A total of fifteen students are currently enrolled in their MSc study programs. The members of the class of 2018-2020 all finished their studies, despite the pandemic.

The 48 Werner Scholars were (and are being) trained at ETH Zürich (15), the University of Geneva (15), the EPFL Lausanne (9), and the Universities of Zürich (4), Basel (3), Bern and Fribourg (1 each).

For the countries of origin and other statistical information about the 48 Werner Scholars, please have a look at this document:

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Next Call for Nominations:

Master's Student Scholarships 2021-2023: Call open until March 31, 2021